About Me.

Hail from Malaysia, our family moved to the states back in 1999. When I was growing up, I always liked doodling. Well, the doodling turned into a design career. I graduated from Kennesaw State University and spend 14 and a half years in Atlanta surrounding area. An opportunity came up in 2013 and i was offered a position in Las Vegas. So I packed my bags and drove to Vegas. The rest is history. Now I look forward to create and design beautiful interface and designs for tech startups and businesses.


Design is my passion in life and designers have changed the world in many different ways. Everything around us has various design aspects, some good and some bad. Well, for the bad ones that is the reason why designers exist. Graphic design and user interface design are needed more than ever to set the tone for many brands currently in the industry.


Designed for almost 8 years now and have done various exciting projects throughout my design career. My design experience has evolved from traditional graphic design aspect to user interface design. As part of my growth, I was fortunate to have worked in various industries such as Home Decor, E-Commerce Websites, Design Studio, Front-End Web Development, Independent Film, Analytics/Social Marketing, Casino Gaming, Hospitality, Information Technology and Innovation Space. My experience made me a much stronger designer understanding various aspects in applying design to different technology available in the current market.

Work Ethics.

As a designer, I am an actor portraying various characters during the design process. By depicting various characters, design is never boring. It is a daily grind that I love to be a part in solving design problems. Always hard at work in being creative and pushing the limit of design, I like to thinking outside the box and creating the surprise element. As a pixel perfect person, I like to be as accurate as possible and provide the most polished work in a timely manner. In a team setting, I am a person that can lead and as well as following directions to complete projects and tasks.


I am a person that appreciates genuine characteristics and likes to lights up the work place making people smile. My belief is that happy and cheerful environment equals productivity. Learning plays a big part in work environment growth and being able to collaborate with teams creates a great synergy of learning from each other.