Print Layout: Multipage Catalog

Project Description

Creating introduction layouts for styles available for area rugs in the company.


The concept that I have is to reduce the time of reading the details of certain style but rather simplifying the read hierarchy. I wanted to set the hierarchy to images of the rugs as first read, bold highlights of the style statement and then the paragraph that explains the style. The bold highlight style statement is an idea I came up in order to give the client a feel of what the style represents without reading the whole paragraphy. Pictures of the area rugs are definitely the main focus as images attracts the human eyes first and speed read the bold statements for style introduction. The client will have the option to read in detail as well.


I took a step back from the previous catalogs created previous years and find the commonalities. I find that the concept is rather the same and not giving a highlight factor which creates a status quo. I introduce this concept of speed reading and straight to the point so that clients of ours can focus on the designs to choose in the following pages.