New Zealand

I finally had the chance to tackle one of my top of the list place, New Zealand. My dream came true when I decided to go take up some fresh fern in the Z land. As expected, there are more sheeps than humans but it is a cool place to be. I can see people are enjoying their life here and wonder why. It is because this place have it all, nature, sun and great people.


New Zealand equals beautiful. No wonder LOTR and Hobbits was filmed here. The beauty can be seen thru the naked eyes but what I find attractive with Z land is the people's culture. Everyone is nice to each other. I was in Rotorua by the lake and saw some horses and wanted to snap some pictures of the horses and the owner insist I come in to snap some close ups. I did eventually in a very awkward way jumping the fences. I was stunned by the landscape and a lot from the kindness of the owner. She was telling me that a photographer few weeks ago snap some pictures of her horses and it got into the papers. Well, my photos are definitely not going into the papers but I always wanted to take horse pictures and they are playful. One try to come close and try to nibble, the owner sush her away. I travel from the tip of North Island to the bottom tip of North Island which is Wellington. Amazing drive across the island.


Roads are easy to drive and beautiful along the way. Food is not as I was hoping but I manage to find a few gems.


Soem parts of Wellington downtown is not so good as some kid ask me if I wanted to buy drugs. No real cons really.