Vietnam Roulette

I have been dreaming about Vietnam since I heard back from my buddy Simon. He and his friend went up on a scooter trip conquering the roads. Made me a bit jeolous but finally got my opportunity to when I went back to Malaysia in May. So it's time to go to HCMC, very excited for this trip.


Arrived around 11pm on a Friday night, no love.. it was raining. It's okay, taxi time. The next morning, first thing to do is to grab some scooters. So we head to the scooter shop and grab two scooters. Off we go for breakfast and a little gas, road trip time. So I put on my shades and bandana over my face, time to ride. Simon and me, ride from HCMC all the way to the seaside and race on the open road. It was a great feeling to have the air blowing in the face riding on the open road. Scooter riding in Vietnam is definitely the highlight of the whole trip and I wouldn't change anything.


Scooter riding is an excitement. The food is great and delicious. People are friendly and beautiful.


One thing I didn't like is the small tables and chairs. I basically couldn't fit in it and that's about it.