Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a place that everyone have heard or even said but I personally have never been. After a few weeks of working, I decided to take a trip up North from Vegas. I have to say, this place is magnificent, gorgeous and breathtaking. Every morning I wake up to the cool weather and actually didn't want to leave.


It's a dream come true to find myself in Lake Tahoe. I booked 4 nights at a Hotel call Basecamp. This hotel is awesome at least to my standard. The place was tidy, newly renovated and have breakfast included. In the middle of everything so it's very convenient. As usual, I don't plan anything ahead just the trip and lodge, when I get there I just point a direction and go. That's the adventure in my mind and wouldn't do it in any different way. It's the no direction method which I love about adventures.


Take the trip there around mid April, still have some snow, still hot at times. Casino restaurants always have nice priced food. People are nice and it's very safe. Driving is in modest speed here as it is usually 35-45 mph.


Don't go to one of the sushi buffet place. It was no bueno and I didnt like it much. Gas is expensive but try pump up on the Nevada side.