LG Winecruises:

I was approached by one of my client to create social media content for a Wine Cruise company. I wanted this to be illustrative and iconic versus the traditional image push. I have been wanting to create icons using lines and colors and since there is some creative freedom to run wild.

Project Description

In a illustrative way to depict the Wine Cruises experience.


Concept is to illustrate the major items related to Wine Cruises therefore I begin listing all the things surrounding wine and cruises. I want to give it a fun feel by using lines and colors. By giving it an illustrative approach, wine cruises comes alive. I believe we have all seen stunning images of vineyards and exotic locations so there is no need to repeat what have been done.


I began sketching a few line icons and once I nailed down the look and feel, I switched to Illustrator. I wanted to maintain the accent colors to 3-4 and not over that amount.