T-Shirt have been my favorite thing to design since I received an award from AIGA Atlanta chapter prior to my graduation. Wanted to get into the fashion t-shirt business so me and my friend started working on Black Zombie. It is based on Zombies, it is very obvious that we like that a lot. Well, it didn't go anywhere. Never the less, we learn a lot from it. Regardless, I love designing graphics for t-shirts still. Maybe I will save those ideas for later perhaps.

Project Description

The "BadAss" Designer design was for a competition for


As part of my own experience as an event goer, I understand what catches their interest and properly place the information and emphasize on certain eye catching phrases.


The process is to create the event's environment in a flyer. In order to achieve this is to recreate the feeling and projecting the atmosphere. For the club events, I will bring in the light effects, hip side of partying and pull out the specialties of the event. Similar process was applied to the beach side event with the addition of creating a family environment and fun friendly colors.