Burmese Cocktail

Myanmar is an adventure. I traveled to Myanmar with my long time buddy, Chee Weng. One Sunday, I met up with him and started talking about our next travels. So Myanmar came up in our topic of conversation and we went straight ahead and booked the flight. A little background is that I wanted to go Myanmar mainly to see the power grid in Yangon since I saw Anthony Bourdain's show on the country.


It was fun to navigate thru the city as we were bombarded with Taxi drivers hustling us the whole time. Then also getting to know that how to wheel and deal with the taxi drivers on prices. Me and my buddy, we began to venture in the downtown of Yangon blindly and just picking direction to walk. It was humid, hot and I actually took a nap in the nearby temple while we were exploring the city. We stayed in a gigantic bungalow that is turned into a multiple room hotel. It was a pleasant stay and thank you for Air Conditioning. We went to a few temples, the King's palace on the lake, and walked all around downtown Yangon. We definitely seen a lot this two days and met a lot of amazing people. We met the two couples that ran the hotel, one is Burmese couple and the other is a french and chinese couple. They had a dream and wanted to start a business and off they did. The staff was very friendly and can speak english. Majority of the population doesn't speak English so make sure you combine with some sign languages as much as you can.


Great food, great beer. Shan Noodle is the bombdizzle and I had two bowls of it. Street food is everywhere in the city. People are very nice and sometime very nice.


Negotiating taxi prices (for me it's fun), be careful with the food on the street and definitely drink bottle water. A lot of times when you ask about price for street food, a lot of times they don't understand.