Hawaii - Oahu

Hawaii was never on top of my list. I actually went to Hawaii because the tickets was affordable. It was $500 round trip, who wouldn't want to go right? I traveled Hawaii in the same fashion, no research and point to one direction and walk. It turns out, I had a blast in Hawaii riding around a rented scooter storming thru North Beach and Chinatown. That's right, Chinatown.


My adventure was simple, well never simple. I always makes it difficult or so it just happens. I walk one direction to Honolulu and found that it's a little far so I decided to rent a scooter for 3 days. I got the better version one so I can reach North Beach. Best investment ever plus no helmet. People that knows me well, know that I don't wear a helmet when the law doesn't enforce it. I did exactly that in Hawaii riding up to North Beach. It was a breath of fresh air riding thru the wind finding myself in a foreign land. Amazing should be the word after scooter.


Chinatown was deep in it's roots. Plenty of old school eatery and somethings you won't find in a normal Chinatown. It was expensive if you ask me but hey, it is paradise after all.


Homeless people roam the streets of Chinatown. Honolulu was crowded with people, it felt like a fish market. So go up to Hanauma Bay if beach is your thing.