How it began.

A few years ago, my best friend told me something even myself have forgotten. We were just poking around our childhood days and he mentioned about what we all said when our teacher asked us about our ambition. My friend have to remind mine, he said "I remember you said that you wanted to be a businessman". I reflected a few seconds on that piece of conversation and realize it does reflect what I like in life. So my entrepreneurial didn't start there, it started when I was 9. When I was 9, we had a day fair in school and I sold socks. I took some b-grade socks from the factory to be sold in the fair. I started selling at higher price and quickly realize that I needed price adjustment. So I lowered the price to move products and I also cross sell some of my socks with my neighbors stalls. How I made the deal is simple, I get the space on their table and in return I give them a free pair of socks. As I grew older, I started venturing into selling samurai swords and things at home on craigslist. I did pretty well and soon began selling area rugs online and my mom said it will not be successful. Well, I proved her wrong and sold all the area rugs with 200%-400% profit. Not bad right?

Spirit of a Startup Junkie.

I started wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship and began to listen to successful company podcast. I wanted to understand what it takes to be a successful businessman and at that time, tech startup was the buzzword. Ever since then, I began to read more and more about technology articles, stories, more podcast. I graduated from just reading and listening, I had the opportunity to began going to digital conferences and exhibitions. Innovation holds dear to my heart as it is the pinnacle of success for any companies in today's age. One of my wealth of knowledge on tech startup stems from my addiction to attend meetups and startup events locally and in different states. Free is the key as I participate on a budget when I travel. It's kinda similar to the term "bootstrap" by living in cheap hostels, walking across town and eating instant noodles. Traveling to the multiple startup event is not a race but to gain knowledge from the communities and most valuable asset, people. Code doesn't code by itself, people does. I have met many interesting people and friends along the journey and love every moment of it. Life is too short to not do what you love.


One of the best benefit of being my client is that I constantly looking into new technology and available new ways to do things. As I am passionate to show it to my clients, it is a fun way for me to bring my client's game to the next level. I am always into helping business thrive. Business owners will always want things to be better, faster and cheaper.