Kennesaw Arts and Culture Commissions.

This is a group that I follow who is based in Kennesaw, Georgia and recently wanting to update their logo therefore created a competition. I wanted to create this as it is my hometown area and I support their cause.

Project Description

The requirements is to create a logo that reflects Kennesaw in a different way. Kennesaw is a town with traditions of the south and they wanted something that is fresh and out of the box for their upcoming logo.


I love basic shapes and origami since I started designing as I believe shapes are the bases of art. I fell in love with origami many years ago when I started folding paper planes. The origami effect can be mimic in a logo using color separations and shadows.


First I drew multiple "KACC" until I find a frame that I like. I had a more elaborate version but felt that they need something bold and reflecting their passion for art. Then I chose a three colors and began the origami application.