Vegas Wiccan.

My client reached out to me on creating a logo for his website call and wanted a custom logo with a Vegas skyline and pentacle. I love this approach and ideas began to brew in my head on how cool I can create this logo for my client.

Project Description

Creating a logo with Vegas skyline and the pentacle's symbol.


I wanted this logo to be in a night setting where Vegas shines along with the Pentacle's influence.


My approach is illustrating the landmark in Vegas with the neon lights and atmosphere of the night scene of Las Vegas Strip. Along with the skyline, I wanted the Pentacle to stand out and be a part of the logo but blended in with the skyline. In the logo I have Luxor, Colloseum, Paris, Stratosphere, Venetian Tower and Wynn. I wanted the eyes to wonder around the scenery and find themselves looking at the Pentacle then the skyline back to the Pentacle.